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Your Fingerprint To Reveal If You Have Taken Drugs

Breath analyzers, step aside. There is no need to pass piss test or any other usual types of drug test. Here comes the latest marvel of technology that has the potential to tell if your system has traces of marijuana or other drugs by taking your fingerprints. Yes, fingerprints. Did you ever believe the sweat on your fingertip would reveal if you have traces of banned drugs in your body? Today it is possible by giving a hand held device to policemen who can use this device on car drivers to nab culprits of DUI. The company, Intelligent Fingerprinting, has developed this intelligent device in the University of East Anglia and says that the device would immediately tell if the person taking the test has taken marijuana, cocaine or heroin.

The invention is really remarkable as there is a proposal by the british government to introduce testing by roadside in 2 years time. The company is waiting to get the results approval from the Home department after which the device would be given to police officers across Great Britain. The device is certainly one of the several tools government intends to make use of, in tackling the menace of driving under influence.

At present, a series of tests need to be conducted on a suspected driver to prove that he indeed is driving under the influence of drugs. Field impairment test is one of them where the driver is asked to stand on one leg. When he fails, he is taken to a police station when his blood test is conducted. This blood test, when it proves positive, works as evidence against the driver in a court of law.

The new machine, using fingerprint produces unique results for every driver, and is thus far more accurate and reliable.