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WWE Wrestler Suspended on Violation of Wellness Policy

Found guilty of violating Talent Wellness Program of WWE, Evan Bourne has been suspended from taking part in the competition for 30 days as this was his first violation. In a press release, it was revealed that Bourne and some other wrestlers did not pass a drug test for weed. The move apparently has caused a lot of heart burn and controversy as other wrestlers feel Bourne has been made a scapegoat while other wrestlers with connections have been let go. Participants are unhappy with the turn of events as they feel that the rule does not apply on all wrestlers equally and that Bourne has been suspended as he is a mid carder while top wrestlers are not even admonished for violation of drugs.

The Talent Wellness Program prohibits intake of illegal drugs by wrestlers and it is valid only under certain conditions where the drug has been taken for medical purposes under prescription of a physician. Bourne was a leader in Tag Team competition but now that his suspension has been announced, he is expected to drop the title in Smackdown. Participants in WWE feel that a spate of warnings and suspensions in pursuance with the provisions of Talent Wellness Program has been mainly due to increased use of marijuana by the wrestlers. This banned substance is being sold under many trade names such as K2, Spice and many more.

Bourne is third in the list of suspended wrestlers with Darren Young and Heath Slater having been suspended earlier this year by WWE authorities and undergoing marijuana detox treatment.