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Woman Pleads Not Guilty To 15 Drug-Test Related Charges

Annie Dookhan, 35, of Franklin, Massachusetts, pleads not guilty last week to 15 different charges connecting her to an enormous scandal in the drug-testing world. The crimes that Dookhan has been accused of include but are not limited to obstruction of justice, perjury, and several accounts of tampering with evidence. Her arraignment took place in the Suffolk Superior Court, yet Dookhan faces additional charges in up to 12 other Massachusetts counties.

The testing lab that Dookhan worked at was shut down last August, yet it is still impossible to know just how many of over 60,000 urine drug tests that Dookhan administered were tampered with. She admitted to state police that if a test came out negative, she would contaminate it with cocaine from a different sample in order to produce a positive result. She also was not at all thorough in her work, at times testing only 5 out of 15 to 20 samples and proclaiming them all to be positive. No motives have been revealed for Dookhan’s actions other than to be seen as a “good worker.”

Suspicious was initially called to Dookhan’s integrity after she was caught forging a colleague’s signature in 2011. Although she was suspended from the lab following this incident, no one could ever have guessed just how dishonest her work really was.

Dookhan was released from prison on $10,000 bail last September, and had her curfew lengthened from 6:00pm to 10:00pm by Magistrate Judge Gary Wilson. She will still have to carry a GPS tracking equipment at all times, in order to ensure that she is staying true to court orders. She was unavailable for comment following the arraignment, and her lawyer, Nicholas Gordon, told reporters that it is too early to make a judgment on the situation until he got a chance to review all of the evidence.