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What Marijuana Dependency Looks Like

If you are concerned that your child may be smoking marijuana but don’t want to come right out and perform at home drug tests on them to prove this, what should you be looking for?

If your normally social child begins to isolate themselves from their family and begins to hang around with kids you don’t really know or perhaps have even have been in trouble before, this could be something that needs further attention.

If your child stops participating in things that were once important to them such as music or sports, there could be a problem.

And both of these in combination with poor grades at school, or worse, not attending school, sleeping late into the day, dietary changes (either not eating enough or eating too much) these could all be red flags that your child may have a dependency on marijuana or other illegal substances. Talk to your child about your suspicions and concerns. If there is no valid reason why these changes have taken place, it may be time to seek professional help and start marijuana detox program to prevent your child from bigger problems with drugs than just smoking marijuana.