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Welterweights Marquez And Pacquiao Test Negative For Banned Substances

Welterweights Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao both successfully passed their drug tests, which were administered at night before their fourth fight in Las Vegas. The Nevada State Athletic Commission issued urine tests (the commission does not do blood tests) to both fighters before and after the match, and all tests came back negative.

Out of the 3 fight cards that were held in Nevada last weekend, all 44 participants were tested for illegal substances. The results of almost all of these tests have been returned, and so far every fighter has passed drug test successfully.

There was some speculation about Juan Manuel Marquez’s pre-fight training with Angel “Memo” Heredia, as Heredia testified for the United States Government during the BALCO episode against the fighters to whom he had sold designer steroids. At 39 years of age, Marquez boasted a stronger-than-ever appearance – yet in this case, it seems this can be attributed to hard work and proper conditioning rather than illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

It seems that all of the training with Heredia worked off, as the first three rounds of Saturday’s fight were 0-2-1. Marquez knocked out Pacquiao with a single right hand followed by a second left in the sixth round.