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Welfare Benefits Being Misused By Drug Users

NZ is one country where a huge amount is spent on welfare. In the last few years, there have been cases of fraud where people receiving welfare money have been caught spending money on drugs. There is no denying the fact that those who deserve support must be given money but the tax payers also have a right to know that their money is well spent by the government. National party has made a promise that it will make it mandatory for the beneficiaries to pass drug testing so that those who fail the test can be put off the list of beneficiaries.

However, Mana Party candidate Sue Bradford has said that this proposal will have cascading effect on the families of those found using drugs as the families get deprived of benefits under welfare schemes. Bradford says there are a huge number of people taking recreational drugs over weekend, and such people would come under a scanner and deprived of their welfare benefits. Then there are real drug addicts who are people sought to be taken of the list of beneficiaries. But before thinking in concrete terms about how to help such people with a huge shortage of de-addiction centers, it is foolish to cut benefits as their families including innocent kids, are dependent upon this welfare money.

With jobs being low in numbers, it is tantamount to forcing thousands of families into a life of crime as there will be no income left for the beneficiaries families. Bradford says that surely people who have serious drug problem should be helped to get drugs out of their system and overcome their addiction. But cutting off aid is certainly no solution to the problem.