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Ways To Reduce False Positives In Drug Testing

Since more and more organizations are become serious regarding drug tests, it is essential that you are aware of all the facts regarding various hard drugs that can be tested in these tests, if you a user of such drugs, since you do not want to lose out on any opportunity regarding employment. This post will provide you with all the facts regarding drug testing that you can possibly need to know of. The hard drugs usually tested are amphetamines, steroids, LSDs, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, hormones and peptides, so avoid the use of such drugs for over a month, if you want all sorts of drug tests to come out clean.

However, there are medications present that people consume normally and can result in false positives. Even some of the legit products can make you fail a drug test.

False positive is a wrong and inaccurate positive result of the drug test. You should refrain from using the substances that will be mentioned to avoid the possibility of a false positive.

  • Over the counter allergy and cold medicines contain amphetamines that might show a false positive. You should also avoid nasal sprays as they contain amphetamines too.
  • Over the counter pain relief pills such as Ibuprofen can show a false positive for marijuana. If you have taken any such pills recently, show you employers a prescription of the drug.
  • Amoxicillin may show up a false positive for cocaine.
  • Poppy seeds and Tylenol are a few of the substances that might show a false positive for Opioids or Opium.
  • Some migraine medication and anti-nausea medication can show a false positive for LSDs in your drug test.
  • Lastly, sleeping pills and anxiety pills are known to show false positives for Benzodiazepines.

In order to pass drug test successfully, be sure to inform the person conducting your drug test regarding any such medications that you have taken.