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Various Drugs And Their Detection Periods

Different hard drugs have different detection times and if you are a frequent user, you should be aware of their detection periods so that you know when to stop and start if there is a drug test coming along. The main types of drugs that are tested and their detection times are as following:

  1. Amphetamines whose detection time lasts from two days up till 5 days.
  2. Cannabinoids such as Marijuana or THC lasts in your system from five days up till sixty days depending on the amount and quantity that you consume. This will be discussed later on.
  3. Euphorics such as Shrooms and Ecstasy can be detected from five days up till seven days.
  4. LSDs stay in your system for up till ten days.
  5. Nicotine present in cigarettes can be detected in your blood and system for up to ten days as well, but it isn’t considered to be a hard drug.
  6. Peptide hormones cannot be deducted through drug tests.
  7. Steroids are considered to be an immensely hard drug since it stays in your system from fourteen days up till twenty eight days. This detection period is for steroids taken orally.
  8. Opiates can stay in your system from five days up till seven days.
  9. For steroids that are injected using injections, these substances can be detected from one month till up to three months.

As for the use of cannabinoids like marijuana, a lot of people want to know how long does weed stay in your system. The detection period of THC differs due to the varying quantities that you consume. If you consume it for a single time, it will stay in your system up till eight days. If taken two to three times a week THC can stay for up till twenty to thirty days and if taken daily it can be detected in drug tests till up to sixty days or two months!

Also, detection time depends on detox methods you use, for example drinking a lot of liquids and exercising will help you get marijuana out of your system faster.