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Using Synthetic Urine To Alter Drug Tests Causes Stir In Hawaii

An interesting topic that has made it to the local news of Hawaii is the use of synthetic urine to pass drug tests, especially those that conducted in workplaces. This new has caused a major stir amongst the area as tampering with the drug test sample is a serious offence. Reporters claim that the percentage of using synthetic urine has risen up to almost thirty seven percent, now showing that the use of such a drug test cheating method is growing constantly. Such a bold step of people taking the drug test have caused a lot of employers to test the validity and reliability of the drug tests conducted, especially when recruiting or aiming to provide a healthy workplace environment.

An in-detailed report by the Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc. says that if the situation doesn’t get under control, then there is no reason to conduct drug tests at all, since they simply cannot detect drugs in samples in which synthetic urine has been used to replace an actual human urine. Over the years, the use of drugs, even in workplaces has increased, and authorities in order to keep the situation under control have started conducting random drug tests, which now the employees try to cheat in order to save their jobs. The Diagnostic Laboratory Services Inc. also reported that when the synthetic urine detection test process was initiated in the year 2010, only two percent of the samples showed such tampering. However, in the year 2012, this figure has gone up to thirty seven percent!

This clearly shows that drug testing products are now freely available for the public which puts the notion of drug testing in danger. Medicine might have to come up with a solution to tackle with the situation as it not only questions the validity of the results but also shows an increased usage of drugs by the employees.