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U.S. Federal Judge Sends Man To Prison Over Altering Urine Sample

Mark Fuller, a federal judge in the United States, sentenced a drug user on probation to one year in prison after he failed a urine test. Dalveille man, Kevin D. Royal was asked to take a urine test by the court after he pleaded guilty for theft. Due to his crime he was on probation as a result of stealing a Bosch hammer and a cordless drill. Kevin D. Royal sold these items at a local shop in the area, however they were recovered later.

After the man pleaded guilty while he was on probation the court asked to test his urine for drugs use. At the time the sample being taken, the man tried to use a device with fake urine sample so that the test would show a false negative. When Royal was caught by an officer who was administering the test, he admitted that the device that was strapped to his leg contained white grape juice that would show no signs of drug use when tested. He also admitted that his urine test would show a positive use of methamphetamine.

In the previous year this same man pleaded guilty for a total of five felony theft incidents. After Royal was caught trying to fake the test, the judge immediately revoked his probation and sentenced him to a one year time in prison. Royal will be provided with rehabilitation facilities and counseling in prison to change his behaviour.

Previous records of Royal show that he was also caught stealing beer cases and cola cans from a restaurant. Royal was caught when surveillance video records showed his crime. Due to all of his thefts, the man was put on probation by the U.S. court, however as we see now he still didn’t change his habits.