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Types Of Drugs Tests And What They Are

If you intake drugs, they are bound to show in various body parts and fluids and one can check for drug intake through five types of tests which will be discussed in this article. The five types of drug tests are:

  1. Hair Follicle Test - this is the most accurate type of test that can be taken to check for drugs. It can show traces of drugs for up to three months. When you consume drugs, they get absorbed into the bloodstream through which they reach the scalp and the roots of the hair follicles. Since these hair follicles consume nutrients from the blood to grow, as they absorb them, traces of drugs are also transferred and stick in these hair follicles, which can then be tested for.
  2. Blood Test - this type of test is the most expensive of all drug tests. Since blood tests are expensive, and even though they are the most accurate after hair follicle tests, they are often avoided as they are invasive.
  3. Saliva Test - the saliva can be checked for the use of drugs as well. However, this test has not gained massive popularity as the hair or urine tests.
  4. Sweat Test - your sweat can also show traces of drug use; however, like saliva test it is not popular as yet too.
  5. Urine Test - perhaps, the most popular drug testing method. Urine tests are the most cost effective and the least invasive of tests so the people taking these tests cannot sue to violation of public rights as well.

The most popular tests used is the urine tests, so chances are great that if you are being tested, you will need to provide the administration with a sample of your urine. You will provide your sample in a room without water to avoid tampering.