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Twenty One Suspects For Growing Marijuana Goes To Court

Tuesday, Twenty-one men, appeared in front of the court for charges that involve the cultivation of marijuana at a field northwest of Veyo during the weekend.

The twenty-one are just few of the 38 Mexicans arrested by police between Friday and Saturday.

The first 10 men, who appeared on court on Monday involves 5 teens.

Police says the arrest was the largest arrest they have made for marijuana-growing in Utah.  That part of Utah was under investigation by the Washington County Area Task Force working with local, state and federal agencies during the raid.

The police have identified numerous vehicles used for transporting the marijuana along with the drivers.

Judge Eric Ludlow and the court interpreter Joy Miles already informed everyone of the suspected 21 men Tuesday, about the Washington County Public Defender's Office appointed to represent them in court.

Defense attorney Ryan Stout admitted that it would be a hard task since the attorneys are not enough for the entire suspects.  If things can not be settled with the attorneys, then they are going to seek help from attorneys outside of Salt Lake City.

Some of the suspects said that they could pay the bail of $5,000.  However, Ludlow quickly clarified that bail is not an option for them since they might sneak out of the country.  The court identifies these men as a flight risk since they are not from the country.  They could only pay the bail if they prove that they are legal immigrants in the US.