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To Test Or Not To Test? That Is The Question

There has been sufficient debate regarding whether it is legal or illegal to conduct random drug tests at schools and work places by the administration. Drug testing laws are controversial and in some cases, the administration has won while in other cases, the people being tested for the use of drugs have sued for their violation of rights. There are majorly two schools of thoughts, one that supports the debate regarding random drug testing while other that condemns it. In some cases old employees have been fired while potential recruits have been denied acceptance for a post, while others are forced to enroll into an assistance program, even though they are recreational users of hard drugs.

While in others cases, employees who have even tested positive for a drug test have sued and won the case with respect to violation of their privacy and rights. The state laws forbid employers to run random tests, make the employees taking the test pay for the drug testing and lastly giving employees, who have tested positive for the first time on their drug tests, a second chance. Furthermore, old and trusted employees should be given warnings and second chances, keeping in mind their loyalty towards the organization.

However, it mainly depends on the strictness and the management system of a particular organization and the intensity of a given situation regarding what decision should be taken. Hence, there is not a single particular answer to whether drug tests are ethical or unethical. Whatever the situation might be, always remember that the use and intake of drugs at a workplace is highly unethical and prohibited by law. We highly recommend to abstain from using drugs at workplace. This will save not only your job but your health too.