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The Routine Drug Testing Procedure

If you are being called in for a drug test by your employer or the Federal Drug Testing Board, you should know about the basic procedure through which the drug test can be administered. This blog will provide you a complete scenario of how your drug test will be administered. The most common procedure used to carry out a drug tests is collecting a urine sample and testing it for drugs. In usual cases you will be asked to provide a sample of your urine, however, in more serious cases, blood sample and hair follicles may be taken in order to test for hard drugs.

You will first be called at a specimen collection facility where you will be asked to produce a sample. You will be taken into a room with a curtain partitioning or will be asked to produce it in a bathroom. The space where the sample is taken is usually dry and you are mostly accompanied by someone from the office so as to prevent tampering. If there is any water storage or taps present in the bathroom, it will be colored so that it cannot be used to dilute the urine sample. You will also be asked to wear a hospital gown to ensure that the sample is right and not tampered with in any way. The sample will be then submitted to the drug testing lab where first an initial test will be carried on once or twice to ensure accuracy, and if the test comes out to be positive then more complicated tests will be conducted to ensure the level of toxins in your system.

There are many ways in which you can make the tests show a false negative, for example by using synthetic urine or detox kits for drug test, however, these methods to pass a test do not provide a 100% guaranteed result.