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The Drug Testing Myths

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding drug and alcohol testing and how you can escape or show a false negative on different tests. This post will inform you regarding all those myths and misconceptions to make sure you do not fall under the trap trying to pass your drug test! Since the use and abuse of drug and alcohol has increased rapidly over the years, many people have formulated ways in which they can escape the consequences of their actions. Many of the ways are absolutely absurd and one must be aware of them for their own safety.

The very first myth is that drinking vinegar will help you get drugs out of your system more quickly. This myth or legend is perhaps the only one which is partly true, due to certain medical reasons. Drinking vinegar helps in lowering the pH value of the urine and blood and will cause various alcohol tests to not detect the presence of alcohol in certain cases. However, it takes a lot of vinegar to do the above mentioned thing and one must not try this since drinking vinegar is extremely difficult and torturous. Another legend is that taking high doses of niacin which is Vitamin B3 will help to burn out the alcoholic substance out of your body. No medical and scientific evidence is present to support his myth. One way this myth came about is as a result of this substance being used for detoxification purposes.

Another myth, which is perhaps the most repulsive and disgusting one, asks for the person to drink urine! This myth states that urine contains enzymes which will cause the alcoholic substances to break down in the body and not show up in the results. Since some cultures believe that urine has detoxifying properties this myth eventually came about because of that.