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The Benefits Of A Drug Free Work Place

Drug testing techniques and programs are become highly expensive lately as more and more employers are making their workplace more secure by testing new recruits for the use of drugs. Many drug tests costs up to millions of dollars and organizations face expenses that they sometimes can hardly afford. Hence, most employers are now looking for measures that provide them with more reliable results, rather than going for blood tests and urine tests, they now test the saliva and hair of the potential recruit for traces of use of hard drugs.

Why hair tests and saliva tests are preferred rather than previously used tests? Because the proof of use of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin eliminates from the blood and urine within a week, however traces of the use of these drugs remain up till 3 months in the hair. Hence, if you plan to consume any hard drugs at the time when you are trying to apply for a new job, it is advisable to let go of such activities till for a month or so, to remain clean and pass a drug test.

This topic is rather controversial as many employees criticize the fact that the use of such drugs once in a while doesn’t affect their ability to work and if they are being mixed up with hard core drug users, than this is rather absurd and a stereotypical approach. A certain amount of drugs present in the tests should be passed, and lenient rules should be made when it comes to the use of drugs. However, there are certain benefits of a drug free work place and school area too. A few of them include:

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Less accidents
  3. Better working environment
  4. Greater attendance
  5. Healthier work related relationships
  6. More successful business