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The 7 Day Detox

Why would someone do a 7 day detox? The idea behind the detox isn’t simply a quick weight loss plan it is for the continued health and maintenance of the body.

The 7 day detox is about flushing your body of any unnatural substances that might be wreaking havoc on your body. It is a process that needs serious consideration and one that should only be done under the advisement of a physician. A natural 7 day detox can not only get THC out of your system, but also suggest ways in which you can incorporate healthy foods back into your diet. The best marijuana detox program should help you manage your blood sugar levels and improve your metabolism.

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with chemicals that can cause us to feel dull, hasten the aging process, cause allergies and even diseases. It is the function of the 7 day detox to help eliminate these toxins by rejuvenating the liver making it work properly and putting you back on the path to total health.

After the 7 day detox it will feel as if you have jump-started your body into working better for you. But you need to commit to continually eating the proper foods and exercising. Enlisting the help of a nutritionist and or a holistic consultant so as not to undermine what you have just achieved over the last 7 days is very important.

Regular detoxification can be very beneficial but it is also important that you check with your doctor. You must also be prepared to deal with some side effects such as a headache from lack of caffeine or lethargy. But it is worth it to have your body feeling and working better than it has in years.