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Tests Show Drug Use By Arizona Student Athletes Minimal

Random drug tests carried out on high school athletes at a Florence, Arizona high school revealed that there was actually very little drug use by the students there. The tests were imposed on a mandatory basis at the Florence Unified School District for a period of approximately four years. In all that time, although 407 drug tests were administered, a tiny handful of tests, only three to date came back positive for drug use. All other students passed drug test successfully. This means that the high school student athletes there are over 99 percent drug free.

The tests were administered by an independent company headquartered in Arizona. The school district has two different high schools, Florence High School and Poston Butte High School. Florence High had only two positive drug tests out of 215 tests submitted. Both of those positive tests results indicated the presence of a psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana known as tetrahydrocannibinol.

Poston has tested 192 student athletes and only found one positive test result. School officials at both schools indicated that they were highly pleased with these results.

The costs for the tests, which are administrated randomly to the student athletes without notice of warning, is approximately $29 each. Most of the testing done consisted or urine drug testing, but in a few instances, a saliva test was used.

The tests attempt to detect the presence of illegal drugs in the student athletes’ bodies, as well as any prescription medication not authorized for them by a doctor, or inhalants or hallucinogenic substances.  Students consent to the random testing policy as a condition of being able to participate in voluntary extracurricular activities, such as sports.

Students who violate the schools anti-drug policy by testing positive are permitted to continue taking their academic classes, but they are barred from participating in sports activity for varying periods of time, which can be as long as their entire four year high school career.