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Test Results Of Jail Inmates Reversed After Testing Positive

In December, a random test was conducted on the inmates of Attica State Prison to check the use of a drug used for treatment of opiate addicts, and more than 50 inmates tested positive in that test. Now after a month, the authorities of the jail are saying that the urine testing equipment used in the test was faulty and hence the results stand nullified. A spokesman from the department of correctional facilities has issued a statement that prison superintendent found the testing equipment not properly calibrated with the synthetic urine prompting authorities to lift sanctions against 48 of the 57 found positive in the test with the record being expunged from their record.

Inmates who tested positive face a lot of sanctions that included disciplinary hearings, solitary confinement, loss of ability to make phone calls occasionally, loss of family visitation, and loss of good conduct that is primarily responsible in getting a parole hearing in future. After receiving complaints of most of the inmates saying they were innocent and have been implicated, superintendent of the prison sent the testing equipment back to the manufacturer who found that the equipment was not calibrated properly by synthetic urine giving false positive results. There are many who are sympathizing with the inmates raising doubts as to why it took more than a month for the authorities to get to the root of the problem. These are the people who say that the rights of the inmates, who were passing a drug test and faced sanctions, were compromised and violated and are asking for compensation for them to assuage their feelings.

Prisoner Legal Services, an association that works for the rights of the prisoners, is demanding that something to be done so that in future there is speedier resolution of wrong or false drug testing results. Results of 9 inmates have not been overturned and they continue to face sanctions.