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Teachers From Illini Bluffs Must Undergo Mandatory Drug Testing

Students  set to go back to school next week as the eight-day teacher’s strike is finally over.   The strike now ends because of the approval of a new three-year teachers contract by the union on Monday and authorization of the School Board on Thursday afternoon.

Right now, the teachers is still going to pass a random drug test, but no one knows how long will it last.  The said drug testing is voluntary.

Both sides did not get what they want since they meet in the halfway of their agreement.  Field services director of the Illinois Federation of Teachers, Ray Rosko noted that the terms are not exactly what they imagined, but they could still consider it as winning against the school board since they do not have to succumb to reach agreement.

School Board President Dennis Brown says both side had given up, so that the children would have some school to go back.

The new agreement is that the voluntary aspect of the program relates only to the existing 58 members of the Illini Bluffs Federation of Teachers. Any teacher, who gets employed after August 15, 2011 (none have been up to this point), is not going to be able to avoid the home drug tests.

The new agreement means if future discussed contracts involve the same language there is going to come a time in the future, as teachers always leave, and retire and new teacher takes over the duty of educating the kids.  The rising percentage of teachers is going to be mandatory subjected to a random drug testing program.