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Tackling Drug Abusers In The Army

Military officials are concerned with growing number of men in ranks using synthetic drugs and are planning to crack down on such officers. A local pharmaceutical firm, Millennium Laboratories has promised to provide with a quick detection test to enable the army to find out the culprits. It has been shocking but around a 100 Navy sailors were caught using synthetic marijuana and are soon to be discharged from active service after drug test and detox treatment. This is despite a huge educational campaign highlighting the bad effects of drugs being circulated among navy men. Davis Masters-Moore, a scientist in Millennium Laboratories said that it was a challenge for the company to come out with a detection kit against spice in a short time but it was confident that it could develop what the Army was looking for.

The navy is perturbed with an ever increasing suspects coming out after passing random drug testing that is unable to pin point with certainty a confirmed user. This is why navy is looking for better tests that can point out culprits using spice or synthetic marijuana. Spice is one synthetic drug whose formulation keeps on changing all the time and as such till date a reliable test has proved to be elusive.

The scientists at Millennium laboratories are trying to break down the various ingredients used in Spice to come out with a comprehensive test to bring relief for army officials. The company is working day in and day out to achieve success as this assignment could mean a lot for the company which has just 200 employees at the local level in San Diego.

Davis Masters-Moore said they are proud of the initiative and the serious attempt being made by the company to come up with a solution to this problem that is plaguing navy at the moment.