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Student Athletes Of Elyria Catholic Underwent Drug Testing

Schools are taking the fight against drugs to the next level as it tries to implement drug test for high-school students. Elyria Catholic is one of the high school that are going to implement the tighter rules in fighting drugs.  The schools do such  thing so that they are going to be sure that their student athletes have high standards and do not use marijuana, cocaine or other commen drugs.

According to Athletic Director Mike Wisnor, all athletes should pass a mandatory drug testing before they could participate in any sport.

The date for the student athletes to undergo a mandatory drug testing is August 15.  The next drug test this season will be thrice for each sport and would be randomly done during this year. The test held at the Great Lakes Biomedical, costing about $17 for each sport.

The students not surprised by the drug test as they already got informed before the ending of the last school year. All the parents of the student athletes receive a letter, informing them about the drug test.

The first student athletes, who undergone such test are the senior, which takes place last year. Ryan Lutke, one of the seniors, says it was not a big issue on their team. In addition, some students assume that its not a big problem to pass a drug test because effective marijuana detox kits and synthetic urine are available online.

The policy of the school is to suspend anyone, who got tested positive for using drug.  The suspension would last for no less than three games and the suspended students required to attend counseling.  A second violation would mean that the athlete would be suspended for the whole season.  The third violation is an immediate suspension from any sports at the  school.

The student athlete has an option to report his drug use before the drug test.  Upon report, the student still needed to be subjected to counseling, but is going to be given 30 days for taking the drug test.