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Senator Campfield Demands Drug Testing of Those Receiving State Benefits

Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield has made clear his intentions to push for bills that requires to pass drug test of those categories of people who are dependent upon state benefits that come from taxpayer money. In the forthcoming 2012 session, Campfield said he would try to push through three separate bills in this regard. One of these would pertain to people receiving benefits in the shape of welfare, second would concern those drawing compensation for unemployment while the third would be for those who receive worker’s compensation benefits.

Stacey’s stance is in line with the opinion of the speaker of the state who has gone on record saying he is totally against maintain lifestyles of people with government money (taxpayers money). Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, the speaker, has been predicting legislation in this respect in the forthcoming session of the legislature. However, Gov. Bill Haslam and House speaker Harwell have maintained that they want some answers to awkward questions before softening their stand in this regard. Campfield says he has no problem with the stand of both gentlemen and says that he is sure they would come forward with whole hearted support to his proposals once they understand the implications of the bills he intends to put forward.

The state of Florida passed a law in this regard and made it compulsory for all those who receive temporary assistance from the state under TANF. However, very few drug abusers have been found there and sent to drug detox treatment centers and this has resulted in high costs to the exchequer. Those who apply for benefits from the state need to pay $25 to $45 for the test which is reimbursed to them once they pass the test. Campfield has said that his bill would not allow reimbursements but also keep the cost of testing down to $4-$5 by keeping the test for hardcore illegal drugs.