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Seahawks’ Sherman Blames Contaminated Urine Sample For Positive Drug Test

Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, is appealing his suspension from four games for testing positive for the performance-enhancing drug Adderall. Sherman has testified that his urine sample was contaminated due to the tester placing a second cup underneath the initial container used in order to catch dripping urine. According to the cornerback, the second cup’s seal had already been broken before it was opened in order to collect the urine, therefore contaminating Sherman’s actual urine sample and leading to a mistakenly positive test result.

Sherman took to Twitter to criticize the testing process, stating that the tester who took his urine sample was inexperienced, with only six months’ work of prior drug testing and with several testing mishaps on his record. That being said, the stressful episode did not seem to affect Sherman’s performance in the game against the 49ers; although he had to miss two practices recently, he defended against four passes, blocked a field goal for a 90-yeard touchdown, and had an interception, which all contributed to the Seahawk’s 42-13 victory against their opposing team.

Following the team’s win, Sherman accused the NFL of allowing themselves to break the rules if they can get away with it. He worries that his appeal will not be received fairly, as his appeal officer does, after all, work for the league.

Sherman was permitted to play in the game after filing an appeal to his suspension. If the final verdict, which is expected to be released this coming week, is that Sherman’s urine sample was indeed contaminated, then his suspension is likely to be repealed.

Despite the fact that Sherman isn’t letting the debacle affect his game, he is in danger of missing the NFL playoffs if his suspension is upheld. That being said, he is attempting to keep a positive attitude. He has been reported saying that this isn’t the hardest thing that he has ever faced in his life, and that he won’t let something like this hold him back.