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Responsible Companies Aim For Alternative Drug Testing Methods

The use of drugs, especially while driving, has caused many users lost their lives, as well as others who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hence, to improve the quality of the drivers on the roads, a company named Schneider has started using alternative and more reliable means of drug testing. It is true that perhaps the most widely used drug testing method is the urine test. However, standart urine testing has a lot of complaints due to lack of validity and inability to detect some hard drugs. As an alternative to urine testing, Schneider National Inc. has now started testing hair strands to detect more serious drug substances.

It is true that a urine drug test can detect drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana, however these substances stay in the urine for about three to ten days and after that the urine test will look clean. However, when it comes to hair follicle testing, these drugs can be detected for up to three months, making this test more reliable. Schneider also reported that a lot of truck drivers just abstain for a week or two and their urine samples appear to be as clean and clear as crystal. However, if same people get the hair follicle test, drugs that used over two to three months ago will also show up on the results. So, it's not so easy to pass a hair test as comparing with urine test.

Schneider also suggests that urine tests can even show up a positive result if you were in the same room with marijuana or any other drug smoker. So, even if you weren’t smoking, the result you will get can be positive.

The trucking industry wants authorities to focus on making drug testing more reliable and responsible and to create the national database of driver's drug and alcohol test results.