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Random Drug Testing Of the Poor, Just Because They Are Poor? What Has The World Come To?

Experts usually blame the poor themselves, for poverty. This is a rather stereotyped approach as when blaming the whole burden of poverty on immoral activities and lack of efforts by the poor, most experts ignore the loopholes in government structuring of assistance and policies. This stereotypical approach can be clearly seen in the recent regulation passed by the government in a state called Georgia. The government declared the power to randomly drug test anyone who is in need of medical or nutritional assistance. Moreover, governmental officers took this to such an extent that they even proposed to charge the poor for this random drug testing at the government’s whim and wishes.

It is true that government may have surplus cash lying around but this does not mean that it starts spending this idle money on random drug tests of poor just to accuse them of one thing or the other. Also if you look at the government’s profile of providing assistance you will be repulsed to see that the rich are provided with the same amount of nutritional and medical assistance as the poor! And only subjecting the poor and those in need of nutritional assistance to random drug testing does not make a good image of the government. Hence regulation forming and passing bodies should sit down and think about the long run before going on a mission to randomly drug test the poor.

How would it look if students applying for scholarships abroad would be asked to take a urine test before turning in their application or what if people applying for mortgages and loans be screened for drug abuse? It would definitely look odd, as this random drug testing for any kind of assistance is rather an absurd ideology. Even if the person asking for assistance is a drug abuser, help is always there.