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Putnam Students Will Undergo Drug Testing This Year

Putnam County students  shocked to find out that they need to undergo drug testing as they go back to school. The move is an effort to minimize the users of drugs.  Students, who are in the grade from 6 to 12 is going to pass saliva drug test .

Principal of Hurricane High School, Dick Campbell believes that age is not a factor when determining people, who use drugs.  It would be easier for authorities to stop youngster on using drug, then on their older years.  He has no doubt that many are going to oppose the action, but the society will soon learn that  drug testing to minor unquestionably needed.

He added that the drug testing program is going to be a problem.  For him, it is just another way to putting kids on the safe side so that they would learn to stay away from drugs when they get older.

The new policy affects those who are into sports and extracurricular activities.  The students must undergo a drug testing so that the school could determine if the students are indeed safe from drugs.

Director of the state American Civil Liberties Union, Frank Crabtree says random drug testing can be considered as an invasion of privacy. He believes that it might send the wrong message to the students that they are a suspect for using drugs.   Those who  needed to play the sport might not play anymore since they would shy away from drug testing. Moreover, the students can beat drug test by using marijuana detox kits.

Winfield Middle School Principal Gary Cook thinks that drug testing for students from grade six to eight is just right, since it will install in the minds of the kids that they need to stay away from drugs even at an earlier age.