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Positive Drug Test Leads To AJ Allmendinger’s Suspension

Disappointment clouded all around NASCAR and Penske Racing as AJ Allmendinger’s B sample test came out positive. The racer has been using banned substance which have led to his suspension from the NASCAR racing arena. The NASCAR authority has a very stringent and strict policy when it comes to the racer’s using drugs since they want a safe driving arena which is up to the highest of standards. NASCAR has stated in the press that the racer’s B urine test came out positive for using banned substances and the driver has been suspended so that he can attend the rehabilitation program called “Road to Recovery” and join back after he cleans up. NASCAR also informed Penske Racing regarding the positive urine test so they can take the appropriate decision as well. All of this makes us wonder if AJ Allmendinger’s career is going down the drain? Penske Racing hasn’t made a final decision but has stated that they are very disappointed with the racer’s problem and will produce a decision after full evaluation of the driver’s profile.

As for the Allmendinger’s spot in the upcoming races, Sam Hornish Jr. will replace AJ and drive the Dodge Charger No. 22. He is said to participate at Pocono and Indianapolis races which are coming up in the next weeks. The sponsors of the No. 22 Dodge Charger are definitely disappointed however they have made a statement saying that the substance abuse policies used by NASCAR are very appropriate and necessary to maintain the standards of the racing arena.

AJ’s manager, Tara Ragan issued a public statement saying that the racer is shocked at the test results and will try to find the cause of the problem. Also, AJ will work to make sure that no such errors occur in the future. The driver and his team still insist that the positive drug tests were due to stimulants consumed by the racer and not illicit drugs.