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Police Confiscates Synthetic Urine After A Raid

Officers from the numerous law enforcement agencies rushed to the area where there were several reports about synthetic urine deals.  Before the police went to the area, they had gotten two search warrants, so they did not have any problem as they went to the area on a Wednesday afternoon.

During the raid, the agents from West Central Illinois Task Force got assistance from the Quincy Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff's Department.  Together they have gone to the area, carrying the search warrants at The Spot at 1933 Chestnut and a 60's Spirit at 614 Maine at 1:45 p.m. Police claim that it took them around four months before they could get the search warrants needed in the bust. The operation took that long since they needed evidence about the illegal deal that got conducted on that area.   After four-months of pure hard work, the police manages to collect all the necessary evidence to put down the people that are involve in the selling of human or synthetic substances used to adulterate urine in an alcohol or drug screening tests. Among this substances are Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Ultra Pure Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine.

The West Central Task Force of Illinois is composed of officers from all over the Illinois State Police and also Quincy Police Department, as well as Brown County Sheriff's Department, Adams County Sheriff's Department, and the Sheriff's Department of Pike County. The raid was successful as they manage to put a stop to the illegal deal that was going in that area.

If the police as stated above did not help each other, then the raid would not be possible as the people involved in selling the synthetic urine can be classified as a big fish.