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Players Should Prepare For Drug Testing Despite The Lockout

As of this writing, all players from NBA and NFL are currently lockout from their respective leagues.

There can be players who will try to use the illegal substance such as marijuana and the likes since no one is going to monitor them anymore.  However, the lockout can be ended anytime, and the players will once again play in their leagues.  Any players who use an illegal substances will put their career at risk.

Dr. Todd Schlifstein, a physician at New York University, says that drugs can reside in the body for a week.  And it takes only few days to get weed out of your system with marijuana detox drinks.

One of the crucial points discussed in the lockout period is the drug used.

Tim Frank, the NBA's senior vice president of basketball communications, wrote in an email that although the players are not passing drug test during the lockout period, they are going to deal with drug issues.

Just like the NBA, players from NFL are also into drug abuse.  Tatiana Pestana, an internist and pediatrician in Coral Springs believe that positive or negative drug test result depends on frequency of usage of illegal substance. Tatiana says it also depends on what drug the person is taking and how long the person has been taking these substances.

Experts believe that marijuana is the most awful substance of all since it could stay inside the body for one month.  Other drugs like steroids cannot be detected after two weeks.

Schlifstein said that marijuana is the substance that most players got caught with since it can be detected longer than any illegal substance.  All the payers are young, and sometimes they might give in to temptation.