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Pfizer Pays To Nigerian Families In Drug Testing Case

After  several years, the Nigerian families that lost their child because of the drug testing got paid.  Pfizer claimed that they agreed to pay the families of children who died because of their drug testing.

Pfizer gives the drug Trovan to over 200 children with meningitis so that they could do find out if the drug  works on human.  It is terribly unfortunate the children died because of the drug.   Four families will receive $175,000 each.  The families who receive the money has evidence which would link them to the died.  They have a DNA to prove it.

Overall, about 11 children died in the trial.  Five children died after they have swallowed the drug, Trovan and six dies after taking older antibiotics used to compare to the new drug.  Some of the survivors suffers from blindness, deafness and brain damage.

Although, the company already paid the family, they are still insisting the children did not die from using the drug.  The children died because they have meningitis.  About 94 percent of the children got cured.

Families contented that the company has prescribe the wrong dosage of drug for their children.  This led to the death of 11 children. The incident has led to families not trusting western medicine.  Nigerian Families did not want their child to be vaccinated in contrast to polio. They believe that the vaccine includes the disease AIDS virus.

In 2009, Wikileaks exposed that Pfizer had hired someone to force the attorney of the family of the deceased to drop the case. A Pfizer official said that the accusation is not true.