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Parents Opposed To Random Drug Testing

Parents got worried when a plan to enforce kids to pass random drug testing was presented to them.  Many parents believe that their children could have some problem with privacy and stigma once selected for screening.

However, one father who got a brother who died from drug abuse got happy when he found out that the school is going to implement such drug testing.

Jim Cairo, father of two students claimed that his brother would have been 50 years old by now, if had not died from a drug overdose.   His brother died at the age of 22.

Cairo recalled that his brother was active in sport, but now he is dead.  Although, they both came from a happy family, his brother has learned to use drug so that it could enhance his performance.  He added that is the damage drug abuse could do to a person.

Other parents  opposed to the new proposal claim that the children who will be chosen for the drug test is going to face some criticism from fellow students.  They believe that the students involved in physical activities are not the ones that need to be tested since most of the people, who are under drug use, is not active in sports.

There were much more opponents of the proposal than the supporters in the meeting attended by 125 parents.

Carrie Hughes, one of the opposing parent said that drug testing is a scare tactic.  It ignores the civil rights of students, parents and teachers.

In the proposal, the school will choose 15 students randomly to take the hair follicle drug test 6 times yearly. Students, who are involved in school activities, sports, etc will be among the pool of students that is going to be selected.