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Owensboro Retail Store Goes Down The Drain Yet Again Due To Synthetic Drug Bust

Hot new is around the corner regarding a store on the 9th Street in the city of Owensboro. It was at the store named “Wild Things Lingerie and More”, where an exciting incident took place and became the center for all the attention of the media. It was at this retail store that undercover officers were able to seize synthetic drugs that being sold at the store. It is quite a strange story that a retail store is selling synthetic drugs rather than worrying about their publicity and image amongst the people, however this isn’t the first time that this store has earned a substantial amount of bad repute due to drug busts. Just a few months ago in April, undercover officers searched the store and after a thorough search discovered synthetic marijuana and synthetic urine being sold there. This synthetic urine was a way of altering urine samples for passing urine drug tests.

Sergeant David Powell from the Department of Owensboro Police made a statement saying that when they retrieved a few illegal substances from this shop, the owner pulled them from shelves, and started to sell another substances that the authorities were yet to be labeled as being illegal. And when those substances were confiscated the owner stocked another batch of illegal substances. So, to solve this problem, the legislating body of the area banned all synthetic canabanoid substances. Now they can arrest owner and confiscate all such things and do not have to worry whether they are in the list of banned objects or not.

Upon the confiscation of the synthetic marijuana and urine, the authorities estimated the value of the items to be around sixteen hundred dollars. Sergeant Powell also made a statement that the owner whose name hasn’t still been published was selling these items as potpourri.