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Orland Park Man Accused of DUI Killing Fails Drug Test

Prosecutors of Cook County are trying to revoke the bond of 24 year old man who was accused of killing a man in a fatal accident having been charged under DUI. Prosecutors are saying that Nicholas Sord not just violated the terms of release, he also failed a standard drug test where he tested positive for opiates. This was a test that was a precondition for his release on bail.

Nicholas is the son of a local businessman in Orland park and has been booked under DUI and also homicide because of reckless driving. On January 1, 2010, Nicholas was behind the wheels of his Mercedez MUV when he suddenly hit a girl, killing her on the spot. The girl was later identified as Jessica Mejia, a 20 year old resident of Oak Forest and surprisingly an ex-girlfriend of drunken Nicholas. In the blood test that was carried out shortly after the accident, the alcohol content in blood was found three times more than is permissible by law. Bryan Sord, Nicholas’ father filled a $200000 bail fee after which he was set free on conditions of refraining from drugs and alcohol. Before his release, he was subjected to a standard drug test that he failed passing drug test. In his defense, Nicholas has produced a prescription for a drug that his doctor wrote to alleviate pain in his wrists that he broke 5-6 weeks ago.

Jessica’s family, shocked by the incident that led to her death, has sued not just Nicholas and his family, but also the bars where he was found to have been drinking that night before hitting Jessica. The family has even sued Cook County Sherriff’s office claiming that Jessica’s clothes were removed and photographs of her nude body were taken. The hearing of the case is due next week.