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Options Before Ohio For Drug Testing

Ohio High School Board has been mulling the option of drug testing its students for long, and it was only last Monday that the board got an inkling of what the policy is going to look like. The Superintendent and the Principal were entrusted with the task and they came up with their version of the policy on Monday. Both the gentleman shared the view that though they do not see a drug issue in the High Schools in Ohio, they are aware of what is happening around their part of the world in general and needed to sound an alert for the students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. They also said that they wanted better informed students they needed to prepare for life after the campus where drug testing would be random and routine.

The drug testing policy that has been prepared suggests random drug testing of students who were involved in some sort of performance or activity as a part of their extra curricular activity. It also includes students whose parents choose to get them included. As there were very few students who did not participate in this or the other activity around the year, the proposed drug testing would include a high percentage of students on the campuses. The policy covers activities like music, theater and sports and others that are deemed by the authorities to be competitive.

The proposed policy also talks about penalties. If a student does not pass a drug test, he or she would be debarred from his chosen extra curricular activity. The parents of the student would be called and counseling of both the student as well as parents would be done. There would be no expulsion or suspension of positive students as exposure among colleagues is deemed a penalty in itself.