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Oklahoman Representative Wants To Propose Drug Testing For TANF Recipients

A congressman from the Oklahoma City wants to implement a mandatory drug testing for those who are receiving direct assistance from the government.  The bill is going to be introduced next year.

Recipients, who would not pass the drug test, are going to be forced to seek treatment or just forget about their benefit for the year.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) is estimating more than 22, 000 people living in Oklahoma, gets financial aid from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).  If implemented, drug testing might create heavy burden for the DHS as they are in need of more funds.  DHS is going to be responsible for all the drug testing.

After Florida lawmakers, Oklahoma representative Guy Liebmann proposes drug testing for getting financial aid from the government.  People will have to say no to drugs if they are going to accept some form of help from the government. To date, the contentious proposal has received so many supports from people in the state. Laura Alhers thinks that it is alright that the drug testing should be implemented since the government should not help those people, who are into drugs.

DHS spokesperson, Guy Beutler said that they are facing shortfall next year of around $32 million. Beutler said that DHS will work with the Liebmann's office so that the 18,000 children of Oklahoma could continue  receive the benefits despite the bill.

Some considered it as an invasion of privacy, but others simply refers to it as justifiable. DHS claims that the program has a 98 percent success rate as all the states need to implement drug testing on TANF recipients.