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Not Only Those Being Tested Are Becoming More Clever, But more Clean As Well

You need to protect yourself from devices that are used fraudulently to escape from drug tests. If you are an owner of the firm or are recruiting employees for your company, especially in the United States, you need to equip yourself with all the elements that will help you against these counterfeit products to escape drug testing. These products include the Whizzinator which is a pseudo penis that comes with clean urine bags, heat pads and an adjustable belt. The urine bags contain clean, toxin free synthetic urine that can help you escape any urine drug test throughout the world. And the best thing, it is available online for sale as well with doorstep delivery! Who wouldn’t use such a thing if guilty of drug abuse?

The Whizzinator is amongst one of the products available. There is a whole swarm of detox products available that will help you get drugs out of your system. This situation is really bad for employers who spend thousands of dollars on these urine tests. Since such employers conduct drug tests for practical reasons. Studies show that drug abusers are more likely to ten times more likely to miss work, less productive, involved in accidents while working and more likely to file complaints against the company than sober employees.

A huge problem that employers face while conducting urine tests are that they cannot examine the tests very closely, due to privacy concerns by the people being tested. One cannot even keep recording via cameras since these people raise their voices again. Many might be right in doing so, however, others just do it to escape from the actual results. This is a major dilemma in the drug testing industry nowadays and many are still trying to fight back this increasing fraudulent activity and false negatives.