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Northern California School District Had Abandoned Drug Testing For Non-Sport Activities

One of the school districts of California has abandoned its policy of drug testing students in extracurricular activities, which includes the school band and Future Farmers of America, because of losing a ruling by a judge who is the state's chief justice now.

On Tuesday, The American Civil Liberties Union declared a resolution with the Shasta Union High School District, whose drug-testing program stopped by a court order in 2009.

Because marijuana is a big problem for student community, the 4,800-student district has implemented the drug testing of student athletes for a decade. But the program did not challenged in the court case. Relying on a 2002 U.S. Supreme Court decision that supported random testing of students in extracurricular programs, Shasta Union had prolonged the inspection in 2008 to partakers in non sports activities. Although students can use weed detox products to pass drug test, the union claims that it would discourage them from utilizing marijuana or another drugs.

However, a Shasta County judge has obstructed the testing because of the suit  filed by a group of students.  The court case got upheld last September by the state's Third District Court of Appeal.

The outlook by Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye - later appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to become chief justice of the state Supreme Court – claimed that the California Constitution's guarantee of privacy is more on the side of the individual rights than the U.S. Constitution.

Cantil-Sakauye said that was proof that students, who are into programs like choir and Future Farmers do not use illegal substance, so there will be no need to pass a drug test for the said groups. She believes that drug testing of students required to provide a urine sample could be considered as invasive compare to testing done in college athletes.