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North Carolina Smoke Shops Raided For Synthetic Pot

Monroe, North Carolina police officers recently conducted raids on three smoke shops, culminating an investigation into the suspected sale of items used by illegal drug users to fool drug screening tests, as well as synthetic marijuana. They made a number of arrests on several different criminal charges.

A number of owners of nearby businesses expressed approval of the raids and opposition to the sale of items useful in circumventing drug screening tests. These items reportedly included artificial urine (it is prohibited in 7 states including NC), drinks designed to create detoxification effects, and storage items designed to help conceal unlawful drugs without detection.

At one of the smoke shops, an owner is now facing criminal charges in connection with the possession of what police claimed was a synthetic substance designed to mimic urine. The city’s police chief expressed concern about such an item being used to help illegal drug users pass drug tests at school, work, or other places. He also expressed concern about drugs or drug related items possibly falling into the hands of children inadvertently.

At a second smoke shop targeted by the recent police raids, an employee of the business was arrested on drug paraphernalia charges. That shop evidently has only been open for approximately the last three months, and was viewed as a newcomer to the neighborhood.

Police reported that a total of four individuals are facing criminal charges in connection with the recent smoke shop raids, but they did not indicate who the other two arrestees were, what specific charges were lodged against them, or which of the three smoke shops raided they were connected with. News reports also failed to indicate what triggered the investigation to begin with.