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NL Player Tested Positive

Famous baseball player did not pass a drug test. Ryan Braun, who plays for Milwaukee Brewers in National League, has been found positive for a performance enhancing drug that is in a list of banned substances. He is facing a suspension of as many as 50 games for testing positive during a drug test. Ryan is contesting this decision in arbitration, confident that the results of the drug test, though positive, will prove his innocence when the authorities come to know of the unusual circumstances surrounding the test. Ryan’s representatives contended that there was no deliberate violation of anti doping program, and that Ryan has had an impeccable record on this count in the past. The test concluded elevated levels of testosterone.

It is the history of Major League baseball not to go to press or media with any test results or to announce any suspension or any other penalty until the time arbitration is over. The result of the arbitration means a lot to Ryan as proving guilty might keep him out of the championship until May 31 next year. He is currently getting a salary of $6 million out of which he might lose out on $1.87 million for not being able to take part in 57 days of action.

Ryan played a big part in Brewers fine performance last season when he hit 33 homers and 111 RBI’s. The 28 year old MVP means a lot to his team which has already signed him till 2015. Ryan recently got an extension till 2020 with a guarantee of at least $145 million through the decade.