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New Rulings Ruled Out Old Drug Regulation For Horses

A new court ruling is nullifying the earlier court ruling about the state's out-of-competition drug testing for horses could have consequences with  the racing business.

Out-of-competition testing created to detect forbidden substances, such as blood-doping agents, which will be impossible to detect in the post-race tests. Regulators are speculating that the drugs embattled by out-of-competition testing, which can only be detected for a short span of time.  However, it can also carry out a long, positive effect on a horse's routine.

The regulations contain parameters most of the time on the location of the horses about to be tested, the date range from a race throughout the time they can be tested; also, the types of drugs play a decisive factor in testing the horses.  The rule on each state are not the same as the other.

Only those horses that had not race for a long time are subjected to pass the drug test  located off the racetrack grounds, and that the owner is planning to race again in the future.

According to the August 15 ruling,  the NY State Supreme Court Justice Powers  ruled out that the drug testing is unreliable. Powers noted that the penalties were too high, wherein the regulation did not meet the testing to blood-doping and related drugs.

Legal counsel to the National Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association (HBPA), Doug McSwain claims the out-of-competition regulations should be a guide for a model rule, which should be accepted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI).