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New Online Training Course from Lifeloc Technologies

Lifeloc Technologies is a leading company in the field of breath analyzers and screening of workplace substances for drugs. It has announced the launch of a new online training course meant for supervisors and has named it accordingly as Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors. The training course is suitable for supervisors working in small or large companies who controls passing of drug test by employees.

The company is of the view that around 70% of illicit drug users are currently employed and according to estimation by NIDA, these employees cost nearly $140 billion to American businesses every year in different ways such as low productivity, unintended accidents, theft, and absenteeism. If supervisors at such workplaces are trained to detect such employees using urine, hair or saliva drug test, the cost of this online training course would pay for itself by the savings accrued to a business.

The course contents include detailed information about illegal substances, methods of cheating drug tests, like THC detox kits or synthetic urine, rights of the employees as well as responsibilities of the supervisor while dealing with such employees. The course enables supervisors to be competent in detecting and then dealing with such employees to work in such a manner so as to accrue savings for the company.

The online course has a design that is conformity with the rules and regulations of DOT. The course contains information on illegal substances that are banned in a workplace with a timeline to make a supervisor know which of the substances can be allowed and which are substances that are currently considered illicit. The entire course takes help of videos and pictures to ensure supervisors grasp it all and are more efficient in dealing with drug suspects.