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New Ohio Bill Would Require State Officials To Undergo Drug Testing

It looks like  no one is safe from drug testing as newly elected officials of a state may also be subjected to urine or hair drug testing.  A state lawmaker has passed on the legislation that would require every elected official to pass alcohol and drug testing.

According to Youngstown Rep. Bob Hagan, the bill is just a response to the Republican-backed legislation that requires equal testing of Ohioans who get food stamps and other public support.

Hagan says that, like people, who get public assistance, officials are also getting some form of help from the government.  They are getting more than what other public assistance recipients are getting.

The Bill is going to require state officials to pass hair and urine drug testing. Each public official must pay their own drug testing.  Those proven taking the illegal substance, would be removed from the seats. According to Hagan, Ohio is not the first state that has the same bill; a similar legislation has already been approved in Missouri.

The Ohio bill that would have to be embraced by the GOP-controlled House and Senate expected to end up as only a political statement in opposition to Republican endeavor to require drug and alcohol testing of welfare recipients.

In a statement released by Hagan, he mentioned that the politician must be the first one that undergoes such drug testing since people looks up to them. Substance abuse is widespread that no one should be considered as immune to the substance.  Everyone should undergo drug testing without using synthetic urine or THC detox drinks so that the state would be clean for drug use.