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New Drug Test Detects Kratom

There is now a urine drug test to detect Kratom.  The test is available and marketed by Millenium Laboratories, the leading researcher and producer of clinical diagnostic tests.

Kratom, because of its increasing use among young people, is considered a drug of special concern by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.  At the moment it is not a federally scheduled substance.  But many specialists in addiction have been alerted by the growing use and availability of the drug in the U.S.

The drug is derived from the Kratom tree which is native to Thailand, Malaysia and other tropical Southeast Asian countries.  The drug is packaged to resemble synthetic marijuana and is sold in local tobacco shops and on the internet, where it has assumed a growing place in the huge market of illicit substances.  Though a legal consumable, it can be more addictive than other illegal drugs.

According to a press release issued by the President of Millenium Laboratories, Howard Appel, the drug Kratom is presenting a challenge to drug addiction treatment centers.  In this sense it falls into the category of emerging dangerous substances that are frequently abused, such as bath salts or synthetic marijuana. Millenium Laboratories specializes in research and clinical diagnostic testing and is dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from chronic pain and addition. Their new test utilizes Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry technology to find the specific alkaloids contained in the Kratom leaf.  The technology is very specific and sensitive.  It is unimpaired by the presence of other drugs, chemicals or dietary supplements.