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MMA Fighter Suspended And Fined For Testing Positive

Known as Chris Cyborg inside MMA circles, Brazilian fighter Christiane Justino Santos has not only been suspended but also fined $2500 after she did not pass drug test for steroids. Her license has been suspended and even her victory against fighter Hiroko Yamanaka on December 17 has been nullified. Expressing disbelief, a shocked Cyborg said she probably took the banned substance unknowingly from the dietary supplement she was taking. She added that the supplement was meant to reduce her weight for the bout. “It was never my intention to gain any unfair advantage over my rival”, said a dejected Cyborg, talking to reporters.

It was not immediately clear from the statement issued by California State Athletic Commission that how long has Chris been suspended from the sport. But there are reports indicating that the ban, having started from December 16 might be in force till 15th December next year. Though Cyborg has the right to appeal against the suspension, she has indicated on her website that she might not do so. The 27 year old Brazilian woman fighter has also been stripped of her world featherweight title.

On December 16, Cyborg knocked Yamanaka out of the bout in just 16 seconds in the first round. However, the bout has been labeled no decision following Cyborg’s suspension and ban. Chris was tested a day earlier on December 16 by World Doping Agency at a testing facility at the University of California and the result was positive for a banned substance called stanozolol metabolite. George Dodd, an executive officer of CSAC said that the safety of the fighters was the only concern of the commission as steroid did not put just users at risk but also the opponents of such fighters. He added that the commission cannot, and will not tolerate use and abuse of anabolic steroids.