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Ministry Agrees To Reinstate The Driver After A Drug Test

The Ministry of Transport of Bermuda wants to reinstate a suspended driver after she undergoes the necessary drug testing needed to prove that she was not under the influence of drugs, when an incident happened last June.

The driver is now under suspension for seven weeks as she refuses to pass a drug test.  Her superior urges her to take the mandatory drug test as it would prove that she was not under the influence of drug during the occurrence of the incident.

Yesterday, BIU President Chris Furbert, said that he wanted the driver to be reinstated within 24 hours.

According to the Transport Ministry, the driver was blamed by the passenger getting injured in the hand as she failed to secure the handbrakes of the bus.  If she had secured the handbreak in the first place, then none of this has happened.

The Ministry stated that the driver turns down five opportunities to get a drug test. The Ministry added that, at the event that the drug test is positive, it does not mean that the driver will lose her job.  She will still receive a pay, but she needs to undergo treatment and counseling before she can drive again.

The Ministry denies the accusation of Bermuda Industrial Union President, Chris Furbert that the Ministry never tried to get a urine sample from the driver.  The operator refuses every opportunity given to her. A Ministry spokesman says it is awkward that the BIU gives them an ultimatum to return the operator to her job without having a drug test.