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Medimpex United Inc. Now Offers New Drug Testing Kits

Medimpex United Inc., a well-known company in the field of drug testing, included a few products to its lists of home drug tests and testing kits and other medical examination products.

The first on the lists is the 14-Panel Drug Test Drug Screen Cup with 3 Adulteration Tests. This is one of the one-step urine drug screening cups, which is available in the market today. It can be used on over fourteen drug groups and three adulterants.

The second recently added is the QTEST CLIA Waived Cup 11-Panel.  The urine drug test kit agrees with the ascertain needs of the statute for the reliability of results in urine drug screen.  This kit is capable of determining 11 drug groups.

Key Split Test Cup is now available in 5-Panels, 7-Panels and 10-Panels; used for testing for 5, 7 and 10 drug groups correspondingly.  The kit has a large mouth screw-on lid, which make it easy for the providing of urine sample for both female and male donors.

Fourth on the lists is the Eco Cup Drug Screen Test Cup.  At present, it is among the in demand as it is easy to administer the drug test.  It eliminates the need to dip or pour the sample.   The buyer can choose from one of the four options available namely a 5-Panel Test Cup, the 5-Panel + Adulteration Screen Cup, the 10-Panel Test Cup,  and the 10-Panel + Adulteration Screen Cup.

The fifth and the final lists of drug testing kits are the Oral Fluid kit comes in two forms such as the Oral Fluid 6 Drug Testing Kit and the Oral Fluid 4 Drug Testing Kit.  This is unique among the other drug testing kits as it uses saliva, instead of urine sample.

This new kits from Medimpex United Inc will help you to pass drug test at home.