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Marijuana Detox In Drug Recovery Process

There seems to be a miscommunication between parents, teachers and what our nation’s teens understand about the dangers of marijuana. It's not uncommon to hear from teens: “It’s not addictive.” “It’s not dangerous.” “It can’t ruin my life.” “It’s not like I’m smoking crack.” It is unthinkable that with all we know about drug use and addiction that teens, many as young as 10 years old, don’t understand the implication of starting to use drugs. And even when it seems many are in the throws of a full addiction, they still are blinded to what is going on and ignorant about why they need a marijuana detox.

A marijuana detox or any drug detox program needs to be done in the safest way possible. Detoxifying the body from the effects of marijuana should be done before any recovery can take place. It helps clear the mind and allows complete focus on how a person's drug use is affecting their life; what they have lost and will continue to lose.

Teens need to understand that chronic use of marijuana can lead to a physical as well as an emotional dependence and these can develop very quickly especially for a child who has addictive tendencies; i.e. someone in their family is an alcoholic or drug addict.

Teens do not think of marijuana use as a real addiction and this is a real problem. More education needs to be done to make teens understand that there are adults who are constantly consumed with how and when they will be getting marijuana. These adults use their money to purchase marijuana before money for food, rent or electricity and many of these adults have families who depend on them. This addiction can cost them their life.

Seeking help is the first step. Allowing parents or friends to help with the process of marijuana detox then allowing yourself to be placed in a treatment facility will save your life and the lives of those who depend on you.