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Man Suspected of Carrying Drugs Found Innocent, Compensated

If you thought drug testing was perfect and that there is no chance of an error, think again. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a weirder piece of news than this. Neil Perry, a man from Darwin, was arrested by Australian airport authorities at the Darwin Airport on charges of trafficking an illegal drug ecstasy in bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

His boat was not spared and searched. Even his friend’s house was searched as officials suspected a deeper conspiracy. Neil defended saying they were just Pantene shampoo and conditioner but custom officials paid no heed to his pleas and sent him to prison where he had to live for three days. It was only after another round of passing drug test that the officials accepted that the liquid inside Pantene Pro V bottles was only shampoo and conditioner and nothing else.

Officials apologized to Perry and accepted that correct procedures of drug testing were not followed in the first instance and awarded him a bounty of $100000 as compensation. Customs and border protection authorities have accepted the blunder saying they have introduced new, strict testing procedures so that there is no recurrence of such an incident in near future. Though the incident took place I June 2010, the news had come out only now as authorities at Darwin Airport tried to hide it. Neil Perry said that compensation amount was meager as nearly all of it would go to cover the legal costs suffered by him to fight the legal battle with the Darwin Airport authorities.