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Local Pharmacies Take Synthetic Urine Out Of Their Shelves

There is synthetic urine, made for beating drug test that is sweeping the market today. The synthetic urine, for example Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be bought through the Internet by anyone who wants to use it for whatever purpose.  Since it is available for all, employers fear that their workers might be using it to pass drug test.  NewsChannel 10 got want to know the answer to such question, so they conducted their own research.

The channel claims that they have done further testing with the synthetic urine to find out whether the fear of employers has a basis. They want to see if the urine would pass both creatinine screening and body temperature test.

The test were six different tests including the element breakdown, specific gravity and PH balance to find out if the urine is truly like what the channel claims it to be.  Out of six tests, the urine samples were only approved from four tests.  Meaning, that it does not pass the test.  But lab technician Shelah Heath says that few of the tests they did are not practiced by other labs.  And this is the reason why usually synthetic urine passes a drug test.

Right now, the only way to know whether the urine sample is genuine is to conduct all six tests. But usual labs do not do all six and the synthetic urine is still one of the best methods to pass a drug test.

Some of  local pharmacies took the urine sample out of their shelves.  They fear that it might be used for cheating the drug test.